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Systar Basic is a well designed machine capable of performing all the processing requirements required to a stone fabrication workshop: shaping and polishing of internal and external profiles, beveling, drilling sink cut-outs and drian-boards, arches, sills, stairs, shower bases, tombstones and much more.

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Smartwall by Manzelli

This unique design will reduce dust in your factory by filtering airborn dust produced by cutting and grinding using a water filtration system.
Simply place your grinding or cutting table in front of the machine and see the results. 

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Italian engineered polishing heads for in line and single head polishing machines. Comes manufactures a range of quality polishing heads with a wide range of models and options to choose from. 

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Comandulli are the worlds leading manufacturers of edge polishing machines, with over 10 000 operational machines in the world it is not hard to understand why their unique desgin and excellent quality is the preffered brand. These machines will increase production, reduce labour costs and ensure the best quality work on all your projects. 

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Prussiani Engineering

Prussiani Engineering is at the forefront of CNC working centres, waterjets and bridge saws worldwide, their vision is to create the worlds most efficient CNC machines and they have managed to exceed all expectations. These machines are the most advanced technology in the market and Italian engineering at its very best.  

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Prussiani Engineering

Prussiani also manufacture a range of unique bridge saws from basic machines to advanced CNC bridge saws capable of processing any design.   

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Comandulli Storm

Comandulli also manufactures excellent bridge saws after taking over production from Bisso a well established bridge saw manufacturer in Italy. With a range of CNC bridge saws to large diameter blades for cutting small blocks you will find all you need in the Comandulli range.   

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With over 50 years experience in the field of natural stone processing Pedrini will not dissapoint, it prides itself in quality machines at the most affordable prices on the market. Quality Italian engineering at its very best with a support system like no other in the world.

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Maema Surface Finishing

Passion is what lead Maema to the success story it is today, now the leading manufacturer in natural stone and concrete surface finishing machines in the world they will leave no stone unturned. Driven by excellent service and customer needs you will find all you need. Flaming, Brushing, Water Storm and many more options from their extensive range of machines.   

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Maema Concrete Plants

Maema precast is an exciting new division in the world of precast panel finishing. With this machine you can make precast panels something special and unique adding value to a low cost product to make incredible architectual designs. Maema are the leaders in this filed with a range of machines to suite every need.

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Cogeim - Shotblasting Machines

Specialised surface finishing machines for shotblasting granite and other natural stone. Cogeim are the world lkeaders in hotblasting machines with machines for every industry.

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Marini Quarries Group

Marini is at the forefront of quarrying machines and equipment, they are known for quality machines all over the world. Marini specialise in quarry machines and supply a wide range of high end and budget machines for every need and all applications. Civil engineering to marble and granite quarries you will be in great hands with Marini.

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Fraccaroli & Balzan

South Africa being one of the water poor countries in the world it is of high importance to save and preserve this resourse. Fraccaroli & Balzan manufacture a range of water treatment plants that can be used in a wide range of industries like the aggregates, mining and granite sectos. No matter the size of your factory or the amount of water you use they will custom build you your plant to match your needs.

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Manzelli - Lifting Equipment

Lift your business with the range of Manzelli lifting equipment. 

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T&D Robotics

T&D Robotics manufacture a unique range of excellent quality robotic CNC machines for every possible use. Carve sculptures from any design you can think of. These machines will put your business on the map as one of the most advanced companies in Southern Africa. 

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